Benefits Of Using Ethereum & Keep A Bit Review

in Finance and Investment

Ethereum is an open-source platform that gives app creators to implement Blockchain technology to create, and Ether is its cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Bitcoin applies the blockchain method using an online electronic system while Ethereum works by basing on application programming codes. Ethereum and Bitcoin process codes differently.  Ethereum works with a programming language called Turing. Turing allows the user to run particular programs of the user’s choice without caring about the language. Simply put, Ethereum has created a machine with Turing that supports the creation of applications. The block system created by Ethereum is thus more efficient than the Bitcoin ones. 

With that said, it’s been established that Ethereum works best in such a way, even more than bitcoin. There are various reasons why people are now inclined to Ethereum. Even Bitcoin still holds the topmost position in the cryptocurrency, Ethereum is second. Ether is slowly but surely proceeding to the game by gaining traction and acceptance in large or small-scale businesses. So there are more than one reasons why you should accept or invest in Ether. Speaking of Ether, do you know Keep A Bit has trading experiences with both Ether and Bitcoin? We will talk about it as well under the KeepABit reviews section.

Why should you accept/invest in Ether?

Faster transactions

If you follow the mainstream fiat currencies, you will know it is a slow-paced system. You don’t get to do an instant transaction with them, and that can be very frustrating at times. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum take this advantage and give you fast-paced transactions no matter wherever you are! The transactions are done with ETH happen within minutes, so you don’t have to wait for the money to get to your bank account.

No chance of meddling by the government

Like Bitcoin, the government doesn’t meddle with Ether in any aspect. Ether is developed by an open-source, which means it’s totally public and transparent to the users so that no government can fool around here. This means that no government can take control over Ethereum and its value. It will only depend on the trust of users and based on the transaction volume. This means that the chance of value fluctuation is very slim. Ethereum users thus feel totally relaxed and stay stress-free when paying with Ether. They know that the money will go directly to the owner of the product and not elsewhere. And nobody is spying or causing unnecessary interruptions.

Lower transaction fees

Are you frustrated over the fact that you have to pay transaction fees, every time you buy something? This happens with the fiat currencies; the government has to have the fees in their position. However, these unnecessary charges don’t apply for Ether at all. With Ethereum, you are actually allowed to keep more money for yourself and reduce the transaction costs whether you are buying or selling things. It doesn’t matter if it’s Paypal or regular bank, Ether will offer you the most affordable cost than those conventional methods where the middlemen get the profit.

It’s developed with open source

As I have mentioned earlier that Ethereum has been developed in an open-source system which means making amendments is possible when necessary. For this reason, Ethereum gives more stability and transparency to its users than any other platform does. So, if a failure or error occurs during a transaction, it will easily be solved by entering the source code. A good web or app developer can do this all by themselves. 

Fraudulence doesn’t stand a chance

There’s a saying that goes, “fake it till you make it”. What’s sad with Ethereum is that you can’t fake things and fool them. You just can’t! We have seen in the past how financial institutions deal with all sorts of scams and fakery. This might be common is fiat money since papers can be printed, coins can be produced, but Ethereum has no such issue going on. As we all know that Ethereum is a virtual currency that only exists in the virtual world, it has no shape or form, just a vague idea of how it might look like (I made it sound like a ghost!). So, the identifiers of the cryptocurrency are unique, and that’s why they are tough to fake.

It’s cheaper

Surprisingly true! Ethereum is significantly cheaper than you would think. This is because there are no third parties involved during a transaction, and hence you get it cheaper. The absence of third parties makes it more profitable when you compare it with the traditional currencies. You can save up 20% percent of your cost by Ether. So, why not use it? With time, more and more companies and businesses are opening up about the idea of cryptocurrencies. Some companies already allow payment through bitcoin, and soon enough they will allow Ether into the mix as well.

Take your business abroad

This is essential for people with businesses mostly. Doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, but if you want to take your business globally, consider using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Ether allows you to buy and sell goods for your business from other countries without having to worry about the exchange rates of the currency. Also, no government will intervene with the payments, we know why. So, what do you get? A global outreach with connection to foreign countries, saving up money and the transactional fee which will automatically grant you a profit. So, I see no point why you should not use Ether for your business advantages. 

Keep A Bit Review

Keep A Bit is an Australia based cryptocurrency broker that deals with Ethereum and Bitcoin. If you are thinking of investing in Ethereum in a broker, think of KeepABit. There are many reasons why this broker has already gained so much recognition in Australia.

First of all, let’s talk about the account opening process. The process is straightforward, given that you have all the necessary documents with your, for example, your identity proof, driving licence, residential information, etc. Once you submit those, Keep A Bit reviews every information thoroughly to ensure your authenticity. After they verify this, you are good to go and make an account. When you’d make an account, you will notice that the account offers only a single package for everyone. This means, whether you are a novice or a skilled trader, you will only get one type of account package to make it fair for all.

The second most important thing is the aspect of KeepABit is their platform. The mobile and user-friendly website is loaded with useful information and trading options that you can easily access. You can customise the theme, include or exclude information based on your needs and what not? One of the best things about the platform is that you can access it whenever or wherever you are using your mobile. Trading was never this easier!

Another brilliant feature of this platform is that you can educate yourself every day using certain educational videos and lessons. This can be handy if you are new to trading. The video tutorials include advice and techniques from the experts, tells you how to predict the market, etc. 

And let’s not forget about the amazing assistance you get from the company. You can call their customer service at any time, and they would help you with your problem in a matter of minutes. Not a fan of phone calls? Shoot a quick text to the 24/7 chat support, and they will respond much more quickly. You can also opt for emailing your queries, but that is the slowest option to use, as it can take them 24 hours to get back to you. If your problem doesn’t need an urgent solution, you can email them.


There you go, an excellent cryptocurrency platform with the perfect broker, what more could you want in this life? Kidding! There is so much to achieve yet! Hope you found this entire article resourceful.